10 tips for travelling to a new country

It’s so exciting travelling to a new country, so to ensure you have the most amazing holiday and leave so much richer in experiences than when you arrived, here are 10 great tips…

1. Before you leave check the Smart Traveller website for travel advice and warnings. You can register your travel plans and also subscribe to a free email service to receive the latest updates. http://smartraveller.gov.au

2. Do a little research. When you arrive in that new country armed with a few facts on its history, geography and culture, your experiences and adventures will be so much richer and deeper.

3. Learn a little of the language. When you’ve taken time to learn a few words, you’ll be surprised at how friendly and engaging the locals can be. At the very least, learn ‘yes’, ‘no’ and most of all, ‘thank you’ and ‘do you speak English?’ A big smile goes a long way too.

4. Meet the locals. Most people love connecting with travellers from different cultures. They’ll be passionate about their homeland and give you the insider tips that you won’t find in guidebooks. You may end up having a day you’ll never forget and making new life-long friends.

5. Check dress code requirements. In some countries knees and shoulders, even heads may need to be covered. There are also some strict dress codes when entering places of religious significance.

6. Allow yourself to go with the flow. Don’t plan every hour or day of your trip. If you’re on a tight schedule or always rushing to see the next on your list, you may miss the true riches of travel. Be flexible and allow time for serendipitous moments. You’ll be less stressed and more likely to experience to amazing happenstances.

7. Travelling with family or a bunch of friends is great but…allow yourself time to venture out on your own or with your beloved, for some fulfilling one-on-one adventures or luxury me-time.

8. Always immerse yourself. What’s the use of traveling to a new country if you still want a hamburger for dinner? Dive in to their food, culture and history and grasp every opportunity to try new things and discover a completely different way of life.

9. Don’t worry – you’re never alone. Travel is the magic, universal glue that binds us all. From the moment you leave home, you’ll be surrounded by people who are up for a chat, love to tell travel tales and are happy to share travel tips and advice. Open yourself up and you’ll never feel alone.

10. Don’t want to travel on your own? Join an organised tour. If you’re not confident or prefer not to travel on your own, open yourself up to the joys and benefits of hassel-free organised travel. You don’t have to book flights, accommodation, transport, restaurants etc. Your guide knows all the ins and outs of where you are and if something goes wrong, it’s someone else’s responsibility to fix. You’ll also be traveling with a group of like-minded people, all potential new friends. So here are a couple of great organised tours that are perfect for solo travellers…

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Words by Alison Bennett for Holidays of Australia & the World. 

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