10 ULTIMATE PACKING TIPS – From Travel Industry employees!

Check to see if your accommodation has an in-house laundry

If it does, then pack less clothes!! I once did an entire family load of washing in New York and popped it in the dryer whilst we grabbed some dinner. When I went back to check, one of the long-term residents of the hotel had even neatly folded our clean and dry clothes for me as she wanted to use the dryer!

Roll your clothes

This should prevent major creasing to your clothes. For business shirts, hang them up as soon as you arrive and to remove any creases hang them in a steamy bathroom while the shower is running.

Stuff shoes with socks and small items

This not only saves space but protects the items and your shoes from being squashed.

Keep your fragile items safe

For fragile items roll them up in your clothes and place in the middle of your suitcase, away from the edges. Luggage can receive some rough treatment at times so perhaps ask the airport staff to a secure a fragile tag to hopefully help.

Write a packing list well before you go

This ensures you don’t forget anything, allows time to obtain additional items and also prepares you to have items washed and ready to go in time.

Pack a compact waterproof bag

Its often that you need to check out early from the hotel yet your flight is later that evening. I did this exact thing and carried 3 pairs of bathers separately in a plastic bag from Los Angeles to Melbourne, only to then leave the bag in the Qantas Club! The items were then sent to my home 3 days later, still damp!

Pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage

In the event your luggage goes temporarily missing and especially if you are attending a special event, pack the event clothing/items in your hand luggage.

Take a powerboard

With our need for multiple devices these days; laptops, phones, tablets, Bluetooth headphones etc, there may not be enough powerpoints in your accommodation to accommodate, particularly older built properties.

Invest in a warm coat

If your travels take you to a cold destination then do as the locals do and wear a very warm long coat over the top of your normal clothing. This will not only save on space by having to pack less ‘layer clothes’ but it will be much less frustrating and easier when you go inside a heated venue and only have to take 1 layer off!

Take lightweight and comfortable walking shoes

Some of us love our shoes, and some of us want to take all of our shoes (just-in-case!). Don’t. Pack a pair of lightweight and comfortable walking shoes, preferably ones you have already worn in as blisters on holidays are not good! Shoes can also take up quite a bit of space and add to the weight! Maybe work on the idea of one practical pair, one casual pair and one formal pair.

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  1. All great advice. Always a learning curve with packing. After many years I now pack for ME. Shoes were my worst habit, now wear 1, take dress/walking only. As now traveling solo, know I have to manage whatever I pack. Always took note of items taken but not worn. Very easy eventually

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