The best travel tips from those in the know

The following travel tips have been brought to you from our team of travel experts. We’ve travelled the world over and have come up with a list of handy hints to help you on your travels. 

Leave some unscheduled time; plan some time for the opportunity of the moment! Who knows what will happen that day, night or what’s going on that you might really want to do. – Dawn (Product & Travel Coordinator)

My best travel tip is to always travel with either a money/document belt around your waist or a wallet that hangs around your neck. This is a good idea as your passports, credit cards, travel documents are less likely to be lost or stolen. – Michael (Travel Specialist)

Don’t forget your passport and keep a photo of the ID page on your phone.  – Anna (Groups Travel Specialist)

Mine is to scan all your important travel docs (passport, visas, travel insurance, itinerary etc) and email them to yourself, just in case you lose any – having copies makes getting a new  passport especially, much easier. – Matt (Product Manager)

My travel tip is to chat to the locals wherever you go and ask them for their favourite places to visit, eat at and explore. Follow their advice and you’ll explore some amazing places that you probably wouldn’t have come across. Also, if you’re travelling to another country, learn some basic phrases in the local language – it goes a long way! – Dani (Marketing, Digital & Social Media – Team Leader)

My best travel tip is to take a spare set of clothes in your hand luggage, just in case your luggage goes on a little holiday of its own for a couple of days! – Carly (Operations Manager)

Pack your luggage, then unpack and repack half, and that is what  you actually need. – Kenn (International Travel Specialist)

Take a change of clothes on day trips, you never know what could happen. And stuff some money in your shoes. – Dule (Reservations & Customer Support)

My best travel tip is to pack smart and travel light. The main reason is so that you don’t have to lug it around everywhere. How many times to you get home and you haven’t worn some of the items you have taken? That means you over packed! You don’t have to bring all your own items when you are doing a cruise, rail or even a hotel stay, Eg it might not be the same toiletries brands you are used to using but they there for you. You would be surprised how much space it frees up. – Casey (Product & Operations Coordinator)

Conserve room in your suitcase by rolling your clothes, don’t fold. Roll your underwear & socks and stuff them into your shoes. – Cos (National Business Development Manager)

Get Google Maps “Offline” version for your phone. Google Maps have saved me time and time again when visiting a place for the first time. But it doesn’t work very well when you have a slow or bad internet connection. So make sure to download the offline version of Google Maps next time you travel and you will never get lost even when you don’t have an internet connection. – Vajira (Website Coordinator & Developer)

Leave extra luggage space so you’ve got room for souvenirs! – Emily (Product, Marketing & Sales Coordinator)

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