LIVE blog: Indian Pacific & Sun Princess Sydney & Southern Explorer – Part 1

I’m older than the Indian Pacific…

I was 2 years old when the Indian Pacific made its inaugural journey on 23 Feb 1970 from Sydney Central Station to East Perth Rail Terminal , arriving 4 days later.

Fast forward 47 years and today I embark on my own journey, hosting Holidays of Australia’s 11 night Indian Pacific & Sun Princess Sydney & Southern Explorer group tour.

I’m travelling on the Indian Pacific from Adelaide to Sydney. It’s an early arrival to meet my group & get bags checked in – I receive my boarding pass and enjoy complimentary champagne, juice, water & sweet nibbles whilst mingling with my fellow travellers.

20-30 minutes before departure, an announcement is made and everyone is making their way to the platform in an orderly manner.  Within minutes I find my carriage (a gold class single cabin) and settle into my allocated cabin with ease. The gold class single cabin is compact yet functional, modern & stylish.

Gold single cabin: image by GSR

My cabin is equipped with a sink, toiletries & room for a small bag. There is a bench seat & small hanging compartment for my jacket.

Wash basin in gold single cabin. Image by Cos Matteo

The name Indian Pacific reflects the train’s journey from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean (West to East). Today’s train has 33 carriages, approx 750 metres. The average speed is 85 kms / hour with top speeds of 115 kms / hour .

As I settle in, my attendant Stacey makes me feel welcome and provides me with dining & touring options available as part of my rail journey.

My lunch today will be served at 1.15 pm & dinner at 7 pm. Breakfast is a more casual affair served between 7 -9 am tomorrow morning.

To be continued…

Words by Cos Matteo, National Sales & Business Development Manager at Holidays of Australia & the World.

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