No journey compares to The Ghan Expedition

On travel wish lists two evocative words routinely appear: The Ghan. The world famous rail journey requires no further explanation, the two words instantly induce yearnings of traversing the remote heart of Australia, gliding through deserts and ancient Outback landscapes from exotic tropical Darwin to elegant, Mediterranean-style Adelaide.

So The Ghan could easily rest on its iconic laurels, satisfied with its bucket list-topping rating. But no, The Ghan Expedition has upped the ante by offering a game-changing, extended three night, four day journey. Now the Ghan Expedition, travelling mostly at night, allows passengers three full days off-train to completely absorb the landscape, characters and adventure of Australia’s deep heart.

This is a truly immersive journey. Forget settling in for hours of window gazing reverie, The Ghan Expedition will have you brushing red dirt from your shoes and cruising the soul-calming waters of the Katherine River gazing at spectacular gorges and gaping at incredible Aboriginal rock art.

You will become enveloped in the Outback, returning to the train with a souvenir waft of campfire smoke on your clothes and deeply etched memories in your heart. And you’ll never forget the goose-bump inducing stop at Manguri, in the middle of nowhere.

But back to the true rock-star of this story. The Ghan Expedition is a gliding, luxury hotel no less, a long silver capsule forging through inhospitable terrain while spoiling her passengers with world-class hospitality.

She will make you feel like royalty, her crew obliging your every desire with friendly, open smiles. She will introduce you to new friends and draw tales from fellow travellers in her Outback Explorer Lounge. Then amidst the romantic opulence of the Queen Adelaide Restaurant she will surprise you with fine dining and new Australian wines while literally giving you a taste Australia as the chefs imbue ingredients of the regions you are travelling through into their daily-changing menu.

Image credit: Great Southern Rail

She may tempt you with a night cap or beckon you after a long, adventurous day to your cabin to lie in her gently moving embrace while you replay in your mind, the day’s incredible highlights and wonder what delights for the heart, soul and stomach, tomorrow will bring.

Passengers onboard The Ghan Expedition enjoy a full day of off-train exploration in each of Katherine, Alice Springs and Coober Pedy, choosing between three tours in each location. These expertly curated excursions and magical experiences are all inclusive, while two optional scenic flights are available for those wishing a higher level of adventure.

At Katherine your spiritual senses awaken at Nitmiluk Gorge cruising between soaring sandstone cliffs on the Katherine River and discovering the Aboriginal culture and ancient rock art, and fascinating geological history of the area.

Alternatively via some sort of magical osmosis, you can be absorbed into life on an Outback cattle station with fascinating stories, cattle dog demonstrations and more. Live music evocatively pierces the Outback, sending your imagination wild and heart soaring.

The optional flight over Kakadu and Nitmiluk National Parks will stop you wondering from where the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories came forth.

On day two it’s time to get up close and personal with Alice. There is no town like Alice Springs and she freely offers her personality and culture, her landscapes and secrets as you can venture from waterhole to wildlife, natural wonders to nation-building history. Three spectacular tours offer a guided walking exploration of the Desert Park at the base of the MacDonnell Ranges, or the awesomely spiritual Simpsons Gap. Alternatively take a comprehensive tour of Alice including the School of Air, Royal Flying Doctor Base and more. And a brand new the tour option is the leisurely 7km mountain bike ride across the sandy, National Park indigenous Illentye trail.

The ultimate optional flight over Uluru and Kata Tjuka will render the most jaded traveller speechless.

Image credit: Tourism NT

Come evening, all tour groups dine beneath a black velvet sky studded with billions of glistening stars will truly move you. It will have you questioning life itself, but not all the fun, earth-bound astral travel or five-star trimmings of the Outback Pioneer Dinner.

Day three brings you to the moon. Or so it seems. After alighting at that stop in the middle of nowhere, you breathe in the vast remoteness, thrill at the eerie silence before being whisked away to opal-mining capital of the world Coober Pedy, where escaping the heat, half the inhabitants live underground.

On the tour menu: adventures that explore underground caverns and check out two lookouts for an above ground perspective, a walking tour of the majestic Breakaways where the flat-topped mesas thrust through the colourful stony gibber desert, once an inland sea. Perhaps exploring the underground town is more your thing where you’ll have the chance to grab a pick and dig for opals, while above ground you’ll visit the famous Dog Fence and the Breakaways.

Coober Pedy’s landscape is rich in Aboriginal and European history and we marvel at how the native fauna and flora flourish in this, the harshest of environments, as we return to the most luxurious of environments in the outback: The Queen Adelaide Restaurant for dinner followed by a night-cap and travel-tale-telling in the lounge.

And so to bed – with mind racing like the Ghan along its moonlit silver tracks – revelling in unforgettable characters and tales, new friends, decadent dining, warm hospitality, lively conversation and freshly planned holiday itineraries inspired by fellow passengers’ travel exploits.

Then a final sigh, as tomorrow we glide into Adelaide at journey’s end. But this has been much more not just a journey, for the Ghan Expedition truly moves you beyond words.

Peak Season on the Ghan Expedition is now on sale and includes FREE 4 day Darwin Stay & Explore package valued at $1100.

– Words by Alison Bennett for Holidays of Australia & the World.

14 Comments on “No journey compares to The Ghan Expedition”

    1. exActly – and it’s so sad… It’s cheaper to fly to Europe for a week, or spend a month in Asia.
      I would love to do it but by the time the side trips are added, there’s little change from $8k

      1. Hi Francine, Some of the airfares to Europe at the moment are definitely competitive, no doubt about it! And Europe is a wonderful part of the world, as well! We see the value in the Ghan journeys as they offer such a unique experience. It’s such a wonderful way to see Australia’s outback. The rail journey also provides you with wonderful service, all inclusive meals, drinks & Off Train Experiences that you might not do if you’re on your own.

    2. Hi Hugh, that’s great you’ve been able to experience the Indian Pacific! Both trains offer such great experiences. So while it may not the cheapest holiday, the experience itself along with the service, all inclusive meals, drinks & Off Train Experiences in Australia’s heart, make it worth it, and why it’s on so many people’s bucket lists.

    1. Hi Irene,

      The Ghan Expedition features in a number of our packages. Here are links to a couple of the options.

      Top End & The Ghan Expedition with FREE 4 Day Stay & Explore in Darwin.

      The Ghan Expedition & Pacific Eden Asia Explorer

      If you would like to chat about other available options, or if you’d like us to tailor a package specifically to you, please give our team a call on 1300 854 897 or email

      I hope that helps!

    1. Hi Alexander,

      Thanks for your comment – we have a great range of Indian Pacific itineraries in December 2017.

      Here are a few options – let us know if you’d like any more info about them or if you would like some further options. Feel free to give us a call on 1300 854 897, make an enquiry online or email us on

      Indian Pacific & Ovation of the Seas Hobart & Sydney Discovery
      11 nights departing 3 December from $2849 pp – more details here:

      Indian Pacific & Radiance of the Seas & Southern Capitals
      9 nights departing 13 December from $2059 pp – more details here:

      Indian Pacific, Perth & Broome Escape
      10 nights departing Saturdays from $3149 pp – more details here:

      Indian Pacific, River, Hills, Wine & Kangaroo Island
      6 nights departing Wednesdays from $1979 pp – more details here:

      I hope that helps!

  1. Can you please comment if it’s possible to take someone on the Ghan that is slow (walker needed ) and do they have steps to help you get off

    1. Hi Denise & thank you for your comment.

      For The Ghan Expedition, a good level of fitness is required as it requires getting on/off the train in remote locations. There are approximately 6 stairs to climb up & down at each stop.

      For each tour, there will be a coach as well to negotiate.

      Walkers can’t be used on the train, however a walking stick can be used.

      If you’d like to discuss your specific mobility requirements in more detail, we’d be happy to assist. Please give us a call on 1300 854 897 or email

      – The team at Holidays of Australia & the World

  2. Just recovering from doing this trip. What I missed was time to sit and relax in the train. Early starts, long days (yes full of interesting adventures), hurried meals (except the brilliant telegraph complex outside dinner) and uncomfortable bunks/reduced sleep made for exhausted travellers.
    The staff were brilliant and hats off to them but no way would I do this overpriced trip again.

    1. Hi Margaret, thanks for your comment. Like with other forms of travel, train journeys aren’t for everyone. Glad to hear though that you found the adventures interesting albeit not as relaxing as you had hoped! Will pass on your feedback about the staff – they definitely make the whole experience a great one! Let us know if we can ever help you creating your dream holiday itinerary – we’d love the opportunity to help! – The team at Holidays of Australia & the World

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