Tropical Light is coming soon!

For those who admire the mesmerising Field of Light in the Red Centre, get ready for the Darwin installation of Bruce Munro: Tropical Light!

Following the unprecedented success of Field of Light, a vast light installation located in the iconic Australian outback next to Uluru, celebrated artist Bruce Munro will be creating something new (and incredibly exciting) for the Northern Territory! This new light installation will illuminate the stunning features of the state’s tropical Top End during the luscious green season, when the area is rich with wildlife and the growth of nature, and will run between October 2019 and April 2020.

Tropical Light will illuminate Darwin and is set to be the largest Australian exhibition undertaken by Munro. It will feature eight immersive large-scale light installations throughout the vibrant CBD and popular Waterfront area. These works will represent a collection of both new and existing pieces that reflect the artist’s experiences in both Australia and the Northern Territory, with a clear focus on natural beauty, unique wildlife, welcoming locals and (unsurprisingly) the glorious NT sunsets. It will include two new, NT-specific installations both reflecting history and place through a combination of visual and auditory experiences that will draw those who experience it into a different world.

Excitingly, this six-month exhibition will give local artists and art enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to be involved in the $3.5 million project with a community engagement program soon to be released.

It’s time to plan your Top End holiday with Tropical Light set to mesmerise audiences around the country!

For those who don’t know the spectacular Field of Light, the popular tourist attraction is almost exactly what its name implies – a vast field of light covering the overwhelming size of more than seven football fields. The mesmerising scene is made up over 50,000 spindles of light set on swaying stems creating a never-before-seen fantasy garden. As the spindles gently progress through a symphony of desert-inspired colours including traditional ochre, deep violet, bold blue and a gentle white, you experience the Australian outback and Red Centre in, quite literally, a whole new light. This impressive light show mirrors the brilliant sky of stars that hang overhead, immersing you in a completely new world. Field of Light will run until 31 December 2020. Read more about Field of Light here.

Written by Georgina Smerd for Holidays of Australia & the World.

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